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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in booking JW Event Suite with decorations. What do I do? Should I book the package separately?

The best approach is to speak with the Venue Coordinator at the venue. She will place you in the best package based on your budget, needs, and theme. We will bill on one invoice. So no need to book a package separately. 

Feel free to take a look at the packages we offer by clicking here. 

I have my own venue. I only need decorations. What should I do?

If you know specifically what you need, please shop our inventory and place your order directly online by visiting If you need assistance finding an item, or placing the order, call us directly at 678-782-5197 ext 3 during business hours. 

I'm interested in event planning services. What is your process?

That's great! It takes a lot to plan an we get it. Let's start by scheduling your free 15 minute phone consult with Angela. She will take it from there. 

I want to place an online order for rentals or a package? What do I do?

Click the shop rentals page to enter our rental inventory site.

1. Select each item needed.

2. ​​If you need delivery, input delivery info.

If you want to pickup, select pickup. 
Half day is considered 8 hours. If you are picking up on Friday, please continue to only put in 8 hours and we will update the Friday pickup on our end. 

3. Submit your order online and receive "your order is pending" email. 
4. Wait 24-48 hours for review and approval of your order. If it is considered last minute, we will review sooner. 
5. Once approved, you will receive an approval email along with "action requested" email. You will need to electronically sign your contract and make your payment through the received email. 50% is due to lock in, and remaining balance due 2 weeks prior to event.
6. The order will expire within 5 days and will need to be resubmitted, if items are still available. 
7. After payment is made, you will receive an email that states "payment is received". 

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How do I see the inventory categories from my cell phone?

If you are operating our site from your phone, please click the button with two lines and circles to see our categories.

I see you offer balloons on your rental site. 

Balloon orders are only for pickup orders unless a package is being purchased. Speak to a team member if you have questions or input in your order and we will contact you if there is an issue. Balloons are designed by Balloons by Sharon J, our sister company. Please input your colors in the notes section. If you would like more than an organic arch for balloons, please place your order directly through the balloon site at

What are your delivery rates? Setup fees?

We offer two ways to deliver.

1. Courier delivery rates start at $175 round trip. Rates are dependent on location, time, and volume. Couriers do not setup and/or breakdown. It is drop off and pickup only. We will handle the payment, logistics and communication with the courier on your behalf. 

2. We review event decor delivery/setup requests on a case by case basis determined by availability, staffing, and location. Rates vary. Please submit your order for review. We will bill you on the rental invoice for delivery.

Where do I pickup my rental orders and times?

1115 Mt. Zion Road Suite A1 Morrow Ga 30260
Friday Pickup 10am-3pm
Monday Return 10am-2pm

I have a last minute order request!

Send it over ASAP! We will do our best to accommodate. Any order placed 5 days or less prior to the event date is considered a last minute order. There is a $50 last minute fee for pickup orders AND delivery orders.

What's your contact information?

Phone - 678-782-5197 ext 3


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