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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in others."-Mahatma Gandhi

Non-profit organizations are in the hearts of our community. We receive calls throughout the year from non-profits needing space to host fundraisers, classes, etc. but they don't have enough funds in the budget.  JW Event Suite recognizes the needs of 501c3 organizations and have created "Cause for Celebration". Cause for Celebration is a campaign where non-profits can enter to win one FREE event rental at JW Event Suite. It will include six hour space rental, tables, chairs, and linen for up to 75 guests along with 10 balloon bouquets. The 501c3 non-profit organization selected winner can choose any one date in current year (not including blackout dates) to host their event.

contest rules

1.  Submit your nomination between February 1st-March 15th via the nomination fields in the green box. Be sure to include the Organization name, Company Contact, Phone Number, Email Address, and Message fields. In the message field, let us know:

A)What is the non-profit org's statement of purpose

B)Why your non-profit organization should be selected to the contest.

C)What you will use the free venue rental for. i.e. fundraiser, gala, etc.

D)Projected event date or month

2. Let us see you in action! Ask your followers, friends, and/or employees to tag @jw_eventsuite on Instagram showing your non-profit organization at work. These can be any photos where your non-profit is represented. Be sure to tag @jw_eventsuite in the photo caption.


Important Contest Reminders

  • Must submit 501c3 letter upon request

  • Entry date is February 1st-March 15

  • One entry per non-profit is permitted

  • Winner will be announced on Instagram Live @jw_eventsuite April 3rd at 12pm. The winner will also receive an email notification. If the prize is not claimed within 48 hours, a new winner will be announced via email notification.  

  • Event must directly benefit the non-profit and cannot be used for personal use


Success! Nomination received.

Cause For Celebration!
JW Event Suite

Cause For Celebration!

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